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Artificial intelligence projects that make good business sense

Unearth opportunities hidden in your data with practical AI insights

Is it hard to imagine what AI can do for your department?

  1. Which persistent problems could it fix?
  2. Could it help me get real insights from my data?
  3. Will it be an expensive waste of time?
  4. Why is it so hard to know where to start?

PS AI Labs can help you dial down the risk and ramp up the rewards of using AI

Unique Expertise

Our 50+ innovative data scientists and AI specialists come up with solutions fast so your project can be deployed quickly.

Clear Communication

Your team will work with AI experts who excel at solving tough business problems and can talk to non-technical people.

Practical Solutions

We’ll determine the most feasible use cases, and create a strategy to deliver a rapid return on your investment.

We get it – there’s a lot of pressure to use AI, but you want to do it right

 Over 25 satisfied Fortune 1000 clients agree, the people at PS AI Labs can help you get more out of the data you already have, to improve how you do business.

From AI to analytics, PS AI Labs can help you turn “data” into better business quickly

Data Strategy Consulting

Our 50+ innovative data scientists and AI specialists come up with solutions fast so your project can be deployed quickly.

Artificial Intelligence

Your team will work with AI experts who excel at solving tough business problems and can talk to non-technical people.

Data Analytics

We’ll determine the most feasible use cases, and create a strategy to deliver a rapid return on your investment.

Our ecosystem

Make better decisions | Fix persistent problems

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Taking your next steps in AI is simple:

Contact Us

Get insights into how AI could help your department on this video call, and see if our team is a fit to work with yours.

Get a Plan

We’ll work together to pinpoint the best problem to tackle first, and perform a Proof of Value project to demonstrate a successful AI path to solve it.

Get Results

Make better and better decisions as your AI is refined, and understand how AI can further sharpen your competitive edge.

Step firmly into the AI era with help from PS AI Labs

You keep your department on the cutting edge, and AI seems like something you should be doing more of. But AI can feel like a “black box” – mysterious, and hopelessly complex. What can you put in? Will you get anything useful out of it? And who can you trust to help you use it in a way that makes good business sense?

At PS AI Labs, we’ve helped dispel the mystery around AI and make it practical (and self-funding) for dozens of clients from a wide variety of industries.

Our team of 50+ business-minded data scientists, analysts strategists, and engineers can help you remove friction from processes, make better decisions, and improve your bottom line. They have vast experience delivering enterprise-level AI that they can put to work for you.

We can help you uncover the gold mine of opportunities hidden within your organization. Accelerate your AI insights and reduce risk with help from PS AI Labs.
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Do all roads lead to transformers?

Click on this video to hear two of our leading data scientists discuss the pros and cons of using transformer models to solve complex problems.

About PS AI Labs

PS AI Labs was formed in early 2020 as a joint venture between Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation partner, and Elder Research, a data science consultancy. With mentorship from both companies and the agility of a startup, PS AI Labs uses deep resources and world-class data science to help our clients change the way they optimize their operations and interact with and understand their customers.

Our data scientists and artificial-intelligence experts are adept at tackling complex business challenges with predictive analytics. PS AI Labs designs, builds and implements practical, end-to-end solutions that help the world’s most recognized brands to make smarter decisions and provide more valuable services to their customers.

Principal Office

Global Head of Growth
Lead Data Scientist
Lead Data Scientist-UK
General Manager
Data Analytics

Tony Maile

VP, Global Head of Growth

Tony specialises in helping large enterprises deliver value using AI and machine learning. Prior to joining PS AI Labs he was based in Silicon Valley leading the Enterprise business for an AI data analytics platform Before that, he was part of the leadership for IBM Watson and an Executive Partner within IBM’s consulting division. Tony has a post-grad diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Oxford University and a BA Hons from Durham University. When not delivering value for clients he is either skiing, watching rugby or trying to keep his garden under control.

Rectangle 296

Larry Berk

Lead Data Scientist

As a Lead Data Scientist, Larry balances project-specific technical opportunities with leadership responsibilities. Larry's career has taken him between start-ups, multi-national firms, and government across a few verticals: logistics-supply chain, advertising-marketing, aviation safety, and large-scale industrial Internet-of-Things. Larry gets most excited about decision science use cases and techniques because optimal actions and policies (informed by machine learning that predicts or classifies) are really what customers seek. Larry also enjoys designing data science visualizations that tell compelling stories. These days, keeping up with data science is practically a hobby. Larry spends so much time coding computer models that for relaxation he handcrafts scale models (ships, lately).

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Carl Norman

Lead Data Scientist-UK

A data scientist working for PS Al Labs in London, UK. Carl has a strong analytical background and passion for problem solving. Possessing in-depth experience of building and applying Machine Learning models, he has a particular interest in NLP, Imaging, and Deep Learning. Previously, Carl worked in investment banking for six years, beginning in a quantitative market risk role, and ending his tenure as a Vice President in the Structuring department. Carl earned an MSci first class honours in Mathematics from Bristol University, and more recently an MSc distinction in Machine Learning from Imperial College London. His dissertation focused on creating audio and visual models to classify displays of human emotion. He also holds CFA levels I, Il, and III. Away from work, Carl loves running, cycling and hiking trails across Europe.

Thomas Kracz

Thomas Kracz

CEO, General Manager

Thomas leads PS AI Labs for the Americas region. For the past several years he has led several strategic initiatives across Publicis Sapient, including new ventures, practices and alliances, all connected to the AI/data science space. He has over 25 years of experience building and leading consulting and services practices both for technology product enterprises as well as pure play consultancies. He uses his leadership and vision in developing innovative new practices/offerings designed to serve client needs and align with their strategies. His experience ranges from start-up ventures to mature public companies, with recent focus on data science, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. He has a B.A. in both Economics and Math from Yale University.

Rectangle 295

Peter Tharaldson

VP, Data Analytics

Peter is a strategist at PS Al Labs, bringing together backgrounds in predictive analytics, statistics and human computer interaction (HCl) to translate data science into meaningful customer experiences and success. He has built successful analytics capabilities in places ranging from startups to the biggest companies in North America, with a focus in healthcare and e-commerce. In his spare time, he raises his sixteen month old son with his partner, enjoys kayaking, swimming and gardening in the Lake Superior region, and gets a kick by bringing his motorcycle to the track, where he has competed in a few amateur competitive races.

Our Mission

PS AI Labs aims to provides exceptional data analytic and strategy services built upon our culture of Discovery, Humility, Integrity, Enthusiasm, and Community, enabling our clients to achieve demonstrably better business outcomes and advance their most important objectives.

Our Value Proposition

We build and deploy robust data-driven solutions focused on supporting our clients’ business goals. We listen and collaborate as partners, drawing-upon our extensive experience and knowledge to meet each client’s unique needs.

Our Defining Principles

Careers & Company Culture

If putting data to work for the world’s most recognizable brands excites you, PS AI Labs may be just what you’re looking for. PSAIL is a small shop with the deep resources of Publicis Sapient and Elder Research, recognized leaders in digital consulting and data science. Here you’ll find talented, open-minded, collaborative colleagues with experience and skills complementary to your own. Together you’ll do the challenging, meaningful work of designing and implementing world-class solutions for household names in a variety of industries.

Our empathetic leadership team will treat you like an individual, not a commodity. From flexible PTO and work-from-home policies, to yearly investments in your continuing education, PS AI Labs is dedicated to helping you achieve work-life balance and advance your career in data science, analytics or engineering. We also offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Enjoy the resources of big tech without feeling like a number, and the excitement of a start-up without the uncertainty. PS AI Labs offers the best of both worlds.

Alejandra Mendoza
Senior Manager Human Resources Operations

I truly believe that PS AI Labs is firmly committed to fostering a culture of inclusiveness that values each person’s ideas and contributions. It feels great to be part of a progressive company that prioritizes people and leads with empathy.

What our people say

Clare- Lead Data Strategist

What our people are working on

Clare is a product owner of a new Decision Science Consulting Studio which will unlock growth by consulting at the business end of marketing transformation through the methodology of Decisions by Design.



Fast Food

A global fast service restaurant chain wanted to create better value for anonymous customers. PS AI Labs used leading edge techniques to analyze text-based customer service interactions. We identified unmet needs that the company could address to improve customer experience and supply chain inefficiencies. Future projects with this client include data driven marketing for insights into loyalty, campaigns for audience creation, and personalized promotions.

“The ability to analyze customer service conversations has given us new insights about what customers want, the friction points they encounter, and what we can do to improve.”


A world leading auto manufacturer wanted to identify which customers browsing their website were most likely to purchase a car. Our AI solution identified key consumer website behaviors, which allowed the company to personalize the online experience for visitors with a high propensity to buy. Website visits increased by 900%, engagement time on the site increased by 53%, and test drive appointments were also increased.

“Identifying which customers are mostly likely to buy from their website behavior has completely transformed how we prioritize and treat digital customers.”

Green energy

A major green energy provider wanted to enhance their preventive maintenance strategy. Our AI (or ML?) solution used complex and noisy sensor data and maintenance logs to recognize when maintenance was needed. In addition to maximizing equipment uptime and technician and mechanic productivity, and the company achieved a five-fold uptick in production capacity.

“It has been a massive help for operations to reliably plan maintenance in line with what our own data are telling us, rather than rely on manufacturer recommendations.”

Equipment manufacturer

A computer equipment manufacturer wanted to more fully automate the process of dealing with customer claims of damage to shipped equipment. Using AI, we enabled their “software robots” to understand and process documents that included handwriting and photo attachments. This solution decreased the amount of human interaction needed for claims and returns by 75%, and reduced the time to settle damage claims from 2 weeks to 3 days.

“It has been a massive help for operations to reliably plan maintenance in line with what our own data are telling us, rather than rely on manufacturer recommendations.”


A global shipping firm wanted to automate its process of vetting ships, to assess risk to goods in transit. We used machine learning and text data mining techniques to create an algorithm that quickly scans ship inspection reports and related shipping and customers reports and flags issues. 90% of nominated ships can now be vetted in 8 minutes instead of 2 days.

“It has been a massive help for operations to reliably plan maintenance in line with what our own data are telling us, rather than rely on manufacturer recommendations.”


A global bank sought to automate the “Know Your Customer” process that verifies new client identity. Our AI solution identifies the type of document in each PDF or image file, extracts plain text information, and assigns it a confidence threshold. Staff can now verify identity using a single document containing the extracted information, resulting in an estimated 45% time savings.

“It has been a massive help for operations to reliably plan maintenance in line with what our own data are telling us, rather than rely on manufacturer recommendations.”